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Kassian Cephas - Procession at Java c. 1885

Kassian Cephas - Procession at Java c. 1885

Kassian Cephas, Procession at Java, c1885


Untitled but most probably showing a procession in the Kraton, Java.


A very interesting image.


Kassian Cephas or Kassian Céphas (15 January 1845 – 16 November 1912) was a Javanese photographer of the court of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. He was the first indigenous person from Indonesia to become a professional photographer and was trained at the request of Sultan Hamengkubuwana VI (r. 1855–1877). After becoming a court photographer in as early 1871, he began working on portrait photography for members of the royal family, as well as documentary work for the Dutch Archaeological Union (Archaeologische Vereeniging). Cephas was recognized for his contributions to preserving Java's cultural heritage through membership in the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studiesand an honorary gold medal of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Cephas and his wife Dina Rakijah raised four children. Their eldest son Sem continued the family's photography business until his own death in 1918. (Wikipedia)


Gelatin Silver Print


225 x 145 mm


See also: Gerrit Knaap, Cephas, Yogyakarta Photography in the service of the Sultan, Leiden 1999


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